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2014 has been a whirlwind year for all of us at Tiller-Hewitt, and the proof – as always – is in the numbers.

The Physician-Hospital Relations Program continues to gain acknowledgement across the country as hospitals far and wide experience first-hand the benefits of our flagship program.

So far this year, we’ve added contracts in 15 states and 24 markets.

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Another year half gone. Can you believe it?

It’s Summer time!! Many are ready for vacation and some are heading off to the beach. This time of year and all throughout, we must be careful not to get burnt…burnt out that is.

Have you ever dug a hole on the beach while making sandcastles? Before long, the ocean waves come in and quickly fill the hole. You move back a little further and begin to work again, but the tide rises and the waves move in as well… Does this ever remind you of your workday? You check off a few tasks from your to-do list and you smile as you look at the remainder of the list and how nicely your desk looks. And then…the wave hits! You get a phone call, an email or twenty an hour, someone drops by your office with a quick question, and here comes another urgent project. Breathe in…breathe out…breathe in…breath out…

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As we bid farewell to the busy month of May, jammed with countless hospital-related recognition dates, graduations, and Memorial Day, we open up the first month of summer that promises to be filled with many fun and “sweet” recognition dates. Everyone will find something to celebrate or use to open doors and hearts to make someone else’s day in June!


The first day of June is an amazing day that celebrates cancer survivors – thanks be to God for that day! A personal favorite for me is June 6th – it’s National Doughnut Day folks! The very next day we celebrate chocolate ice cream day. Of course, we officially ring in summer 2014 on Saturday, June 21st. The calendar alone will give you a little mental vacation while bringing a smile to your face! Thanks to the great team at Tiller-Hewitt for the research and development that goes into this project each month!

Have a safe and FUN June – don’t forget your sunscreen!

Download the entire Tiller-Hewitt June 2014 calendar

Remember the good ole’ days when sales reps, particularly in pharmaceuticals, had unlimited budgets to entertain their clients? Golf outings, dinners for physicians and lunches for office staffs were only a few of the norms in an attempt to recognize or gain business. This is not the case anymore. In addition to budgets restraints, many provider offices will no longer accept anything from anyone – gadgets or food.


This is actually a good thing for physician liaisons. Why you ask? Because somewhere along the way gifts and office lunches became commonplace – even expected! As a physician liaison representing your hospital, you must position yourself as a trusted advisor and resource for information and feedback about hospital policy and activities relevant to them and their patients.

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May I Help You?

Jamie Utt  —  May 1, 2014 — 1 Comment

Tiller-Hewitt HealthCare Strategies asks, “May I help you?” In an effort to do just that, we have put together some observances and holidays for the month of May. There is SOOO much going on in the month of May, it’s hard to know where to start!


Are you going to a Kentucky Derby party? Have you bought a tiara for International Tiara day? Did you know Cher will be 68 this month? Don’t forget to indulge in a few chocolate chips for Chocolate Chip Day. Give your feline friend some love on Hug Your Cat day. To top it all off, it’s national salad and hamburger month – how do you like yours?

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Over the years of my professional career I have struggled with how to make my resume stand out in the crowd when I have zero connections with a potential employer. I have tried everything from using a professional design company to printing my resume on brightly colored paper. I once even developed a ‘Top Ten’ list as to why a potential employer should hire me. I now find myself on the other side of the interview process.


At Tiller-Hewitt HealthCare Strategies we see hundreds of resumes. We screen the new physician liaison applicants for our healthcare clients. While it is true that a professionally done resume grabs my attention, it is the substance of the resume that keeps my attention.

So what are Top Ten things that will automatically send your resume to the discard pile?

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I don’t think there’s a person on this planet who would not attend a farewell to winter celebration!


Certainly this has been one for the record books! As we welcome in a new season, we’ve created a fun and useful monthly calendar of observances, holidays, and fun days for celebration. It is especially appropriate to launch this in April as our official proof that it is legal to have fun at work. April 1st is International Fun-at-Work Day.

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Cost vs ValueWith the uncertainty of Healthcare Reform and how it will affect the bottom line, many hospital administrators and CFOs are saying “We just can’t afford an additional FTE right now.” When looking at the black and white for any month, that may be true. But leaders don’t become leaders by only thinking of the here and now. The ones with their eye on the prize know it’s about the future – about growth and the sustainability of that growth.

How It’s Done

Unfortunately there is no magic wand. With the right leadership and training, one FTE – a physician liaison – is a long term planning initiative guaranteed to have an ROI that will make eyes, hearts and wallets happy. The number one goal of the liaison is to grow market share. What does that mean for your hospital? More revenue….and possibly leading to even more FTEs.

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As hospital staff, nurses, managers, and administrators, we are all too familiar with the term referrals.

Have Heart

We know referrals are the lifeblood of our hospitals/healthcare systems. We track referrals monthly, determine where they come from geographically, worry when they are down in numbers, and celebrate when they are up. But do we ever stop to think what those “referrals” actually are? People!

That’s right, people that have PCP’s who care for them – in many cases over decades – have trusted us to help aid in their patient’s care!

I can’t help but think, if we thought of and treated these “referrals” as the mother, father, sister, brother, or child that they all are, we would never have complaints because we would do all we could to make the process as stress free and as comfortable as possible.

So on this Valentine’s Day, let’s all remember to have a heart when we are dealing with our “referrals” :

H – Have Compassion
E – Exceed Expectations
A – Appreciate Differences
R – Remember to Listen
T – Treat all with Respect