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Ever fumbled your “I’m a Physician Liaison” pitch?

Ever fumbled your “I’m a Physician Liaison” pitch?

A few weeks ago our team attended the American Association of Physician Liaisons (AAPL) National Conference.  While there, Tammy Tiller-Hewitt presented on a topic that we often find liaisons struggle to succinctly and consistently conquer. Their elevator pitch!  Describing the role of a Physician Liaison takes time and effort to articulate.  Do you have a B3 method – Be Brief, Be Brilliant and Be Done?  Brilliant is another way of saying articulate – clear – succinct.

In honor of “National Talk in an Elevator Day” on July 27th, we encourage you to watch this week’s Friday From the Field video and then work on your 20-second elevator pitch – and remember that one size doesn’t fit all.  We must be prepared to adjust our pitch for different audiences.  This preparation ensures the next time you deliver your elevator pitch, you’ll be prepared to “elevate” yourself and your role.

Going up anyone?

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Posted by Jamie Utt / Posted on 18 Jul
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