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Keeping Referrals “In the Family”

Keeping Referrals “In the Family”

As more and more hospitals are employing providers, we need to be mindful of the fact that employed does not always mean loyal, we must work harder in some cases to earn the business of our employed providers than our independent providers.  In this week’s Friday From the Field Video, Nancy, a seasoned children’s hospital liaison, details her role as an internal physician liaison.   With her hospital growing not only physically, but also in the number of employed providers, her role is vital to ensure all of the physicians stay connected and informed of the ever changing options that are “in the family”.

Physician engagement, satisfaction and retention are key factors necessary for a healthcare system to be successful.  Effective provider onboarding (NOT ORIENTATION) is critical to achieve them.  This starts with a strategic provider onboarding program.  At Tiller-Hewitt, we offer a robust Onboarding Program that goes beyond the orientation or even the 1-3 month onboarding provided by many healthcare systems.  Our onboardPLUS program follows best practices by delivering ten critical success factors that support improved recruitment, faster practice ramp-up and long term retention.


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Posted by Jamie Utt / Posted on 07 Mar
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