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Make It Matter


Liaison training to optimize a professional, consultative sales approach is an essential ingredient for successful physician-hospital relations. Make it Matter delivers a dynamic and highly interactive learning experience, laser-focused on building long-term relationships and results.

Energize and Equip Your Team

Each Make it Matter session will energize and equip your team with tools and techniques to:

  • Optimize face-time and build relationships with physicians, advanced practitioners and their practice teams
  • Effectively deliver information about the value and support your organization delivers to providers, their staff, patients and families
  • Navigate difficult conversations and overcome resistance from physicians and office staff
  • Use data and insightful analyses for effective referral management

Your Make it Matter experience includes pre-event preparation plus interactive videos, role-playing, and exercises that are practical, memorable and applicable to your unique value proposition.

High-Performance Business Development

Make it Matter will empower your team to perform at a higher level, using the differentiator of consultative selling. Tiller-Hewitt training programs draw on direct management experience on both the health system and the physician practice sides of healthcare.

Two-Day Interactive Learning Experience

Providing your team with a properly sequenced, live classroom training event
is an investment that will pay dividends quickly through improved enthusiasm,
synergy, learning reinforcement and performance in the field.

  1. Make it Matter: Deliver value – every time. This interactive and reflective kickoff session lays the foundation for developing a personal and organizational brand standard that builds credibility among colleagues, leaders and customers alike.
  2. Effective Communication: Understand how personality/gender/generational differences influence communication and decision-making. Learn how to navigate gatekeepers like gold and craft results-focused sales messaging.
  3. Make Data Matter: “Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.” Learn how to effectively get and use internal and external data to become strategic and in-line with organizational goals.
  4. The Great Divide: Consultative vs. transactional selling relationships separate reps from winning teams of trusted advisors, the coveted customer relationship. This is the
    culmination of needs-based sales skills, product and industry expertise, and knowledge of customer circumstances.
  5. Sharpening the Saw: Professional sales skills sharpen with practice. Interactive role-playing and sales technique training exercises instill the skills proven to overcome objections and close sales.
  6. Make Time Matter: Make time work for YOU! Learn how high-performing
    professionals manage time with intentionality for peak results.

Perspectives from Teams We Have Trained

I’m leaving here today with new energy to lead my team and do better to show value to our external practices.”
“The goal-setting portion was invaluable to my personal and professional growth.”
“The message is clear, concise and completely on target.” – Mayo Clinic
Dramatic impact for future interaction.”
“Inspiring, and with creative ideas to sell our hospital and how to overcome objections.” – VCU Health
It made me think, reflect and empowered me to organize my goals and hold myself accountable.” Premier Health
This is the ‘go-to’ roadmap for successful selling.”
“Make it Matter made a difference in how we are approaching practices and physicians from now on.”
“The program was filled with high energy and practical ideas.” Evolent Health
I appreciated the discussion of overcoming objections in the field, such as pricing and competitor advantages.” Mills-Peninsula Health Services