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Scrubbed Up and Ready to Grow!

Scrubbed Up and Ready to Grow!

When is the last time you “scrubbed up” – I mean wearing scrubs in your role as a superstar Physician Liaison? In this week’s Friday from the Field, superstar Beverley puts herself back in training, shadowing in the operating room so she stays on-her-game when promoting their new surgical robot.

As successful liaisons, we never “fake it ‘til we make it”. We spend countless hours mastering the details of our organizations and the services offered. Additionally, we should spend time educating and updating ourselves on our competitors too, in order to consistently identify competitive advantages, or in some cases, create talking points around why we don’t have the latest and greatest technology.

Beverley is a seasoned liaison that has been in the field for several years but still takes the initiative to “sharpen the saw” on new services offered by her hospital. Beverley also attended our Make-it-Matter Sales Training Workshop last year and although is a very knowledgeable liaison, she openly admitted (and recorded it on a Friday from the Field) how re-energized she was afterwards, resulting in taking her performance to the next level.

Have you taken steps to turn your hospital training and competitor research into results? Attending our Make-it-Matter sales training will show you how to do just that. You’ll leave this 2-day live interactive course with a new energy to conquer your goals and have your best year ever.

For a detailed description of the six modules covered during our Make-It-Matter workshop, check out our one page information sheet. Standard pricing is available until April 20th. Register today to save your seat!

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Posted by Jamie Utt / Posted on 12 Apr
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