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Shake it off!

Shake it off!

Most of us have faced fakers, haters, players and heartbreakers. Some days we face all four – but that’s just life!  Unfortunately, it doesn’t always come easy to just ‘SHAKE IT OFF” and press forward.

I promise that facing all types can actually make us better!  So, be encouraged, shake it off and just step it up!  When our focus remains on:

then OUR role of Physician Liaison will always remain MISSION CRITICAL to our organization… in spite of the fakers, haters, players and heartbreakers!

Your efforts will drive measurable marketshare growth to engage and retain providers.  This happens because we pressed through and opened up two-way communication, uncovering needs and removing barriers.

While it sounds easy – some days we want to just SCREAM AND SHAKE!  So the next time you face Godzilla the Gatekeeper (internally or externally) – you need to sing [LOUD] along with Taylor Swift and JUST SHAKE IT OFF – SHAKE IT OFF!

Shake – Shake – Shake,
Tammy Tiller-Hewitt

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Posted by adminDev / Posted on 16 Aug
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