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Today’s market dynamics find hospitals and physicians competing more than collaborating.

At Tiller-Hewitt, we understand the complex relationships between CEOs and Physicians.

We work with CEOs to implement a systematic and structured Physician Hospital Relations (PHR) and Sales Program creating measurable results of over $2 million of incremental business the first year.

The professional sales programs at Tiller-Hewitt employ a data driven, systematic, and structured approach through direct line communication from senior leadership and service line management to referring physicians and other referral sources in the market.

The objective is to strategically increase service line and specialty referrals through direct sales on physicians and other referral sources.

Physician-Hospital Relations (PHR) Program

The success of any Hospital can be measured in the quality of the relationship with the Physicians. Like all relationships, it takes time and effort, but a poor Physician-Hospital relationship can cause the quality of Healthcare to diminish.

The reality of the matter is, this is one of the most complex relationships around. Few other relationships can match the dynamics and the amount at stake. The importance of this relationship presents a constant challenge to even the best Hospitals and Physicians.

Tiller-Hewitt takes aim at building this relationship and forming a bond between the Hospital and Physicians. These two groups working together can eliminate unnecessary expenses, increase safety, reimbursement, and overall quality of care.

What is the PHR Program?

The PHR Program brings focus to targeted referral sources, including employed provider groups, within the primary service area that may or may not currently refer to the organization.

This program is proven to move market share, increase top line revenue, while enhancing physician relations and retention for organizations of all sizes.

To learn more about the PHR © Program and how it can benefit your hospital contact us for a no cost presentation outlining this successful revenue enrichment program.

Physician Outreach Program

The Physician Outreach Program targets regional referral sources, creating incremental referral opportunities for the health system and aligned specialists.

The outreach results are initially seen through new referrals to specialists, including hospitalists. A structured Outreach Program implementation builds systems needed to work collaboratively with referring physicians and specialists to ensure the incremental volume is ultimately captured (vs. going to the competitor) and managed for continued growth.

Sales Training

Tiller-Hewitt can tailor a sales training seminar for the Sales Department or for your entire administrative team.

Physician Onboarding Program

Perhaps the recruitment and retention silver bullet

Effective physician onboarding is the foundation on which long-term recruitment and retention strategic goals are achieved. Retention starts WAY before recruitment. An effective Physician Onboarding Program will provide your organization with an enormous competitive advantage.

Every year it gets harder and harder to recruit and retain top-notch physicians. As difficult as it is, the organizations that adopt the Recruit-to-Retain paradigm, demonstrated by an effective Physician Onboarding Program, will be the organizations that not only are the envy of those who couldn’t make the shift, but are the organizations who continue to thrive even during turbulent economic times.

The Physician Hospital Relations (PHR) Program includes the assessment and/or development of a Physician Onboarding Program.

For an independent assessment and/or development and launch of a Physician Onboarding Program, please contact our office to schedule a free consultation call.

Medical Staff Retreats

Bringing your medical staff together can be a bit like herding cats, but once you’ve gathered them, bring in an engaging speaker who knows how to get your physicians to talk…then you can listen…and then watch your bottom line grow.

Customer Service Training Seminars

Market dominance occurs when great sales and service excellence collide – market leaders invest in both.

If your hospital staff needs a little reminding on the importance of treating the customer like a king, then bring in the fun filled Tiller-Hewitt Customer Service Program, which will not only entertain but teach.