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Collaboration is the key to hospital and health system success in today’s dynamic healthcare industry. Hospitals and physicians must have strategically aligned goals and objectives and work together to achieve them to survive and thrive in a market where healthcare payments are shrinking and performance quality is intensely scrutinized.

Tiller-Hewitt works with hospitals and hospital systems to create financial growth through high-performance physician liaison programs, physician referral networks and physician onboarding and retention programs.

The PHR Program provides a laser-focused strategic approach to sales, business development, and growth.    The success of the program is built on three pillars:  Systems, Data and People.


Systems permit ordinary organizations to achieve extraordinary results predictably.  Without systems, even extraordinary organizations find it difficult to predictably achieve even ordinary results.

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Data provides strategic direction, while measuring results. From employed practices to hospital volumes – timely relevant data provide the opportunity to measure and reduce business leakage and identify opportunities for new growth.

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People hardwire the systems to produce extraordinary data-driven results. Professional training, Lean processes and committed leadership support efficiency, making it easier to sell services to physicians and other referral sources.

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Why Choose Us?

The Tiller-Hewitt Physician-Hospital Relations Program is proven to move market share, increase top line revenue and enhance physician relations. Our typical client hospital gains 300+ new admissions in the first year of the Tiller-Hewitt Physician-Hospital Relations Program. That translates into $2 Million of incremental top line revenue in just 12 months.

Our Specialization

We specialize in improving relationships between hospitals and referring physicians. We do this through a direct, strategic approach utilizing Lean principles. This includes identifying and eliminating non-value added activity and removing barriers which prevent physicians and patients from accessing efficient care.

What We Do

We provide a systematic, structured approach through direct line communication from Hospital Administration to physicians and other referral sources in your markets. The program not only improves quality of care and outcomes, but it also increases the ease of access between the hospital and the physician.