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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Tiller-Hewitt HealthCare Strategies and what do you do?

The industry leader in physician engagement, alignment and growth strategies.

Tiller-Hewitt HealthCare Strategies works with hospitals, hospital systems, population health and physician organizations nationwide. Our knowledgeable team assesses, designs and executes high-performance physician liaison programs, provider referral networks, and provider onboarding and retention programs. Working in partnership with healthcare leaders, we hardwire organizational culture to achieve revenue and strategic market share growth in the value-based economy.

Help us Help you! Our goal is to assist organizations in achieving THEIR goals of strategic growth and alignment through physician engagement, alignment and retention.

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What is a physician liaison and what do they do?

Physician liaisons are an extension of the leadership team, working in the field with providers and their staff to improve appropriate utilization of the organization through direct consultative NEEDS-BASED selling.

Professionally trained physician liaisons spend the majority of their time outside of the organization working closely with providers and their staff. It's a contact sport!

Learn more about physician liaisons and their role.

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How long does it take to see the results of a Tiller-Hewitt program and what is our ROI?

Typically, measurable volume shifts and utilization improvements begin within 90 days of the physician liaison’s calling on providers and their staff. However, Tiller-Hewitt has witnessed referral leakage STOPPED the same-day physician liaisons call on providers. Our focus and results measurement vary across organizations and are customized on the individual organizations' strategic growth goals.

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What’s the difference between a physician liaison outreach and a sales outreach?

Nothing, if done correctly! A physician liaison outreach is about a needs-based selling approach of solutions, efficiency and relationship building – all characteristics a great salesperson should possess.

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How is Tiller-Hewitt's physician liaison program different from our in-house liaison program? Why should we hire Tiller-Hewitt?

Many internally built physician liaison programs haven't been positioned high enough in the organization to influence and drive the kind of strategic change necessary to consistently deliver value and ROI. In a short-term engagement, Tiller-Hewitt builds a proven system and structure that delivers a strategic physician liaison program that sustains long-term measurable growth and retention of high-performing, engaged providers.

Tiller-Hewitt brings 22-years of industry expertise. We know exactly what to do and equally important - what not to do - when building a robust physician liaison and retention program. This isn’t a ‘fake-it-til-you-make-it,’ program. Tiller-Hewitt has proven results that showcases our success with many organizations across the world.

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Does Tiller-Hewitt hire the physician liaison for us? Is the physician liaison an employee of Tiller-Hewitt or our organization?

Yes, Tiller-Hewitt does the heavy lifting; however, the hiring of the physician liaison is in collaboration with the local leadership and culture. The physician liaison is an employee of your organization and an extension of senior leadership.

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Does Tiller-Hewitt work with other hospitals/organizations in our area?

Tiller-Hewitt gives market exclusivity to our partner-clients in your geographic area. However, we have worked with over hundreds of hospitals, systems, physician groups and organizations nationwide. We deliver the added value of national best practice benchmarks to any organization.

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We already have a physician relations team, but just need them to brush up on sales training. Is this something Tiller-Hewitt can assist with?

Yes, Tiller-Hewitt can come on-site, host public workshops or provide web-based training. A customized training program would be designed and implemented to meet your organizational needs.

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I am interested in an assessment of our current physician liaison outreach program but really don’t think we need a total re-launch. Is this something Tiller-Hewitt will do?

Yes! Tiller-Hewitt does assessments of liaison programs of all sizes - including multi-hospital health system programs. Through successful partnerships with hundreds of healthcare organizations of all sizes nationwide, Tiller-Hewitt has developed the industry-leading process for assessing and implementing successful, strategic sales/outreach programs. While most healthcare organizations have some type of sales/outreach program in place, very few have the structure, data or resources required to maximize their potential for strategic referral and revenue growth, and leakage mitigation.

For complete details and to find out more click here:

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Our physician liaison team has no way to track their ROI. Is there a PRM/CRM Tiller-Hewitt recommends?

Tiller-Hewitt offers TrackerPLUS, an affordable web-based tracking system solution, built by and for physician liaisons. This system can house referral and demographic data, as well as issue resolution tracking. Physician liaisons around the country love this system as it is user-friendly and keeps physician liaisons in the field instead of in front of a computer!

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I am not a hospital or hospital system, but rather a large physician group. Does Tiller-Hewitt work with physician groups to increase their referrals?

Absolutely! Tiller-Hewitt is in the physician growth business. Working with physician groups is our passion and we would love to help your group.

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Our hospital system has no formalized provider onboarding program – especially for our advanced practice providers. Does Tiller-Hewitt provide any services in that area?

Tiller-Hewitt has the most robust onboarding and navigation program in the industry. We help organizations make the shift from a recruitment culture to a retention culture by marrying the outreach (growth) efforts with long-term retention strategies – creating rapid ramp-up through long term retention. Our program includes a proven mentorship program and a family and community integration component that ensures all critical retention areas are systematically monitored and managed. Our success stories have been featured in many industry publications.

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