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Improve Physician Relations With An Engagement Retreat

Physician Engagement Is A Coveted Game Changer That Leads To Healthcare Strategic Growth

Leaders of any organization will attest to the challenge of keeping clinicians engaged when there is a highly diverse mix of work styles, generations, practice locations and levels of experience. A facilitated retreat builds the foundation for engaging your key stakeholders in strategic decisions, uniting administrative and clinical teams, and securing their support for key initiatives.

Effective Physician Relationship Management Includes Facilitated Retreats

The mission critical goals of your retreat can be accomplished - and even enhanced - with fun and interactive team building. An environment of trust, open communication and innovative thinking builds bridges to the best solutions and buy-in from all stakeholders.

Done right, retreats get physicians and advanced practitioners into a new learning environment and encourage leaders to actively participate in cross disciplinary groups. Our professional, objective facilitators build credibility because we understand medical staff dynamics from a first-hand perspective, but are not saddled with any organizational paradigms.

Your facilitated retreat’s three-level framework creates a feedback loop for continuous engagement and improvement.

Pre-Engagement Assessment

  • Pre-retreat survey
  • Consensus on areas of high importance and impact

Program Sessions

  • Customized modules and exercises based on assessment
  • Team-building, SWOT and process improvement

Outcomes and After Care

  • Prescribed to meet needs uncovered in retreat and achieve key objectives
  • Identify future issues to follow-up or prioritize in upcoming retreats

Flexible Retreat Settings

Because we have been delivering programs both online and in person for years, we offer options for both virtual and safe, live events that will work for your team across multiple settings.

We’ve helped hundreds of healthcare organizations achieve strategic growth.

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