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Healthcare Strategic Growth Assessments for Hospitals, Health Systems, & Medical Groups

100% of Our Assessments Uncover Substantial Strategic Revenue and Growth Opportunities

The first step in driving strategic growth - in any setting or care delivery model - is a deep dive to uncover barriers and opportunities. We objectively evaluate marketplace dynamics and internal conditions that impact strategic growth, such as access, capacity, throughput, referral sources and leakage patterns.

A Customized & Comprehensive Approach To Healthcare

    Our comprehensive quantitative and qualitative analysis of your current state includes:

    • Market share data and competitive intelligence
    • Physician-level utilization, leakage, retention metrics
    • Workflows, systems and infrastructure
    • Patient access and capacity for growth
    • Manpower needs and division of labor
    • Team roles and responsibilities
    • Extensive stakeholder surveys and interviews
    • Internal referral data analysis

    Our assessments also reveal where improvements in network optimization, physician alignment and physician retention will produce measurable results and sustainable strategic growth.

    Download our Strategic Growth Readiness Assessment information sheet.

    Healthcare Business Development Is Built On Trust and Transparency

    This process should only be entrusted to a firm that combines the objectivity, experience, analytic tools and communication skills to engage your key stakeholders, draw out the unvarnished truth and reveal a clear path for success.

    By earning your team’s trust in the assessment process and findings, we deliver a balanced picture in which all voices are heard.

    Upon completion of the current state assessment, we deliver a recommended course of action – supported with team buy-in and a clearly defined opportunity for return on investment.

    We’ve helped hundreds of healthcare organizations achieve strategic growth.

    "Tiller-Hewitt gave us a jump start for early success. By focusing our program on the right initiatives and tracking the right data, we got our outreach ..."

    The Partner That Produces Results Through Healthcare Business Development

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    challenges and areas of greatest opportunity.

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