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A Physician and Advanced Practitioner Mentorship Program That Aid In Healthcare Business Development

Learn How Tiller-Hewitt's Healthcare Strategic Growth Approach Can Help with Mentorship

Mentoring measurable improves satisfaction and retention of new physicians and advanced practitioners

Offering mentorship is a significant competitive advantage and a benefit that candidates value when being recruited. Highly engaged physicians and APPs serving as mentors guide their peers in navigating the organization’s cultural and operational landscape in their first year of practice.

Physician Relationship Management for Successful Mentors and Mentees

Studies have shown that assigning mentors to new recruits measurably increases satisfaction and retention. But launching and maintaining a mentorship requires an intentional approach with the right training, tools and coaching.

With years of experience, our mentorship playbook and execution combine technology and human interaction to:

  • Ensure effective coordination, consistency, collaboration and communication
  • Set measurable goals and reports key dashboard metrics
  • Gather feedback from mentors and mentees

We structured this year-long physician mentorship program, critical to retention, under the direction of our Onboarding Coach/Mentor, a physician also credentialed with both a master’s degree in healthcare administration and professional development certification.

A Tiller-Hewitt trained physician liaison ensures that any issues arising in the mentee’s first year are proactively addressed with the appropriate operational or executive leaders.

“The Mentorship Program Launch meeting via Zoom was a HUGE success! We had almost 80 people at the kick-off. Kim Grant, Dr. Mudge-Riley, and Tammy Tiller-Hewitt are the BEST!”
Amy Powell
Director of Recruitment and Retention
Reid Health

The three-phase program delivers the expertise and resources from strategy through implementation:


  • The foundation of the mentorship program includes:
  • Criteria including job descriptions for the mentor and mentee
  • Assessing and selecting mentors based on readiness to serve
  • Effective matching for mentors and mentees


  • Orientation and training for mentors and mentees include:
  • Enhancing skills such as active listening
  • Easy-to-use checklists to guide mentor and mentee before, during and after their meetings
  • Setting mutual expectations for time commitment and relationship


  • The physician coach and liaison launch and support the program:
  • Kick-off event
  • Cadence of monthly, quarterly and annual program touchpoints
  • Annual program review and continuous improvement
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