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Rapid Impact Strategic Growth Solution Drives $34 Million Incremental Net Revenue

Tiller-Hewitt’s Strategic Growth program generated rapid results and sustainable growth by:

  • Engaging stakeholders in a collaborative process to achieve buy-in
  • Identifying and solving access and capacity barriers
  • Prioritizing service line strategy development
  • Executing a nationally recognized professional physician outreach program

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“Based on past success working with Tiller-Hewitt, I knew they would energize our team, gain early buy-in, and spark collaboration. They helped us quickly identify and eliminate access and capacity barriers, then develop and execute rapid growth strategies that produced immediate results. We’re now equipped with better tools and hardwired as an organization driving sustainable strategic growth.”

Darcy Craven
President and CEO
Archbold Medical Center


Across the nation, healthcare organizations are experiencing challenges that erode market share and impede strategic growth. They’re battling access and capacity issues, an influx of local competitors, crippling workforce shortages and dramatic shifts in how and where care is delivered.

To prepare for and execute the rapid recovery of strategic business, the leadership team of Archbold Medical Center, a four-hospital health system serving South Georgia and North Florida, recognized the need for a strategic partner to help them:

  • Assess growth readiness with an objective lens
  • Prioritize and develop service line growth strategies
  • Identify and remove access and capacity barriers
  • Achieve medical group engagement and alignment
  • Address the changing dynamics of demand
  • Increase awareness and utilization of their services
  • Improve physician-hospital communications and relations
  • Better accommodate the resulting increase in referrals


Archbold engaged Tiller-Hewitt HealthCare Strategies to assess, design and execute a high-performance, rapid impact solution to improve access and drive network optimization, physician engagement, patient retention and strategic growth.

Integrated Approach to Strategic Growth Readiness

Tiller-Hewitt combines robust methodologies proven to identify and drive rapid results; drive collaborative, cultural change; and hardwire an organization for continuous improvement and strategic growth.

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Strategic Growth Readiness Assessment

Tiller-Hewitt started by engaging key stakeholders and conducting deep data analysis to determine if the current state of access, capacity, clinical staffing, and geographical expansion potential met the criteria to support desired growth. Nearly 300 Archbold stakeholders participated in the survey and interviews – including approximately 100 physicians andgraphic image 3 APPs – representing the key clinical and administrative roles that influence the patient and provider experience along the entire continuum of care. n Using timely and relevant internal, external and practice referral data, Tiller-Hewitt identified historical referral patterns and opportunities to quickly mitigate leakage and drive strategic service line and system growth initiatives.

The assessment revealed a high level of patient preference, engagement from participants and a newfound spirit of innovation and momentum for positive change. It also uncovered current-state barriers preventing strategic growth and provider engagement that needed to be addressed, including:

  • Access: Scheduling and referral processes to health system and physician practices
  • Physician engagement: Alignment, recruitment, rapid ramp-up and long-term retention
  • Internal teamwork and collaboration: Communication among key departments and practices
  • Sales/Outreach: Awareness of key services and issue resolution
  • Data: Timely, relevant internal and external data for faster reaction to shifts in business
  • Marketing and Sales Tools: Outreach, referrals and recognition of the employed medical group

Strategic Growth Playbook

Image 4 As a strategic growth company, Tiller-Hewitt collaborated with Archbold’s operational and clinical teams to uncover or create best practices to optimize access and referral processes. These performance improvement efforts were essential to Archbold’s differentiation as offering providers and patients the path of least resistance to their services.

Create Priority Service Line Growth Plans

Image 5 Tiller-Hewitt’s assessment prioritized service lines that aligned with the organization’s current strategic vision and were best positioned for growth with limited operational intervention. They launched cross-functional Service Line Growth teams to:

  • Identify opportunities for strategic growth
  • Target providers aligned with care consolidation and strategic growth goals
  • Equip offices with patient education, specialist information and referral tools
  • Develop leadership accountability protocols
Identify & Implement Priority Process Improvement Projects

Image 6Tiller-Hewitt also identified areas where process improvement (PI) projects were needed to enhance access and capacity. Lean value stream mapping uncovered 378 duplications and bottlenecks in 25 disparate medical specialty referral processes, and streamlined them into a single, simplified and standardized method.

To improve the imaging referral process, Tiller-Hewitt formed a cohesive team of 25 people – representing every physician and patient touchpoint – to resolve 110 access and capacity issues, and refine the referral process, including implementing a preauthorization program.

This resulted in double-digit imaging growth, with an increase of 19% in outpatient MRIs and 22% in outpatient CTs in the first year.

Professional Outreach Program

Moving into the execution phase, Tiller-Hewitt launched Archbold’s Professional Outreach Program. This is a powerful differentiator, with liaisons trained to be trusted advisors – and engines of strategic growth and performance improvement – who deliver higher-value solutions to physicians and their teams.Image 7[1]

  • Structured the physician outreach program
  • Recruited and trained results-oriented professionals with consultative sales techniques and exceptional relationship-building skills
  • Managed the data-driven outreach strategy and boots-on-the-ground execution

The outreach program increases communication, provides stronger visibility for the medical center’s services among private and employed practices, and improves access to administration and service lines.

Tiller-Hewitt’s TrackerPLUS intelligence and Physician Relationship Management (PRM platform) maximizes the program’s efficiency and effectiveness as the team’s central source of market intelligence and referral data analytics.Image 8

TrackerPLUS streamlines:

  • Physician targeting
  • Pre-call planning
  • Real-time issue and opportunity management
  • Activity reporting and data dashboards


The Tiller-Hewitt engagement with Archbold produced off-the-charts results and return on investment in year one:

  • $122 million incremental top line revenue
  • $34 million incremental net revenue
  • 22% increase - outpatient CTs
  • 19% increase - outpatient MRIs

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