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Market Share & Referral Analysis

Data Insights Reveal Opportunities to Build Closer Physician Alignment, Stop Network Leakage and Drive Healthcare Strategic Growth

Painting a clear picture of your organization’s market share and physician referral patterns is the essential first step in planning for strategic service line and specialty growth, physician practice growth or network optimization, initiatives. Working with our data partner, we reveal the most promising opportunities to build closer physician alignment, stop network leakage and identify new opportunities for high-margin growth.

Healthcare Business Development Insights for Laser-Focused Targeting

Robust payer data reports often reveal million-dollar opportunities.

Key insights across all payers support targeting decisions by:

  • Identifying patient relationships between providers and/or healthcare facilities
  • Tracking where patients access services across the continuum of care
  • Diving into single providers' or group of providers' service location activity data
  • Studying provider activity across an entire market or their specific geographies
  • Geotargeting to analyze the location of physician offices and facilities they are accessing

Our strategic assessment takes data analysis several steps further to mine timely, relevant internal and external data with qualitative surveys that reveal deeper – and often eye-opening – dynamics that should be addressed.

In the hands of our experienced team, the insights from quantitative and qualitative research form the foundation for a growth strategy and execution plan that will achieve your objectives, while building trust and strong relationships with physicians.

Healthcare PRM Dashboard Reports

When paired with a strategic business development/outreach program, we fully support your team with our proprietary TrackerPLUS PRM platform and monthly executive dashboards with operational reporting on your current strategic initiatives. Our dashboards help leadership keep a finger on the pulse of your outreach program’s performance with physician-specific referral detail, real-time trends in provider volumes, scorecard of performance in the field, and updates on wins, losses, issues resolved and challenges ahead.

This continuous feedback loop supports the data-driven, transparent and results-oriented culture. Our dashboards and TrackerPLUS make it easy to use data to reinforce and motivate your team toward higher performance in key areas such as:

  • Service Line and Specialty Growth
  • New Physician Onboarding and Practice Ramp-Up
  • Physician Office Calls in the Field
  • Capacity and Access Issues Resolved/Open
  • Population Health Metrics
We’ve helped hundreds of healthcare organizations achieve strategic growth.

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