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Rapid Practice Ramp-up

Our Healthcare Business Development Ensures a Strong, Friction-Free Start for New Physicians and Advanced Practice Providers

New physicians and APPs can quickly lose their enthusiasm (not to mention income) when broken onboarding and slow credentialing stymies the growth of their practice. Working collaboratively with practice operations, our rapid ramp-up program is the guaranteed way to break through onboarding barriers and ensure a strong start.

With as many as 10 departments and dozens of credentialing and payer enrollment processes involved in preparing clinicians to see patients, it is essential that all redundancies and points of friction be removed before the physician or APP arrives.

Among the key benefits of our Physician Integration and Retention Program is our current-state assessment and Value Stream or Process Mapping which identifies and removes bottlenecks that often become chokepoints and delay a new physician or APP in seeing patients as soon as they arrive.

But we don’t stop at process improvement. Our rapid ramp-up team breaks down silos to ensure that operations, service line leadership, marketing and others are working simultaneously and collaboratively to prepare for their introduction to patients, referring physician offices and other referral sources.

We develop a comprehensive roadmap to quickly identify key targets and set measurable goals - in collaboration with operations - for rapid ramp-up and continued growth. The launch of a provider-specific sales blitz is supported with a cadence for follow-up outreach to ensure the new physician is effectively introduced and engaged with referring practices.

We’ve helped hundreds of healthcare organizations achieve strategic growth.

"Tiller-Hewitt gave us a jump start for early success. By focusing our program on the right initiatives and tracking the right data, we got our outreach ..."

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