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PHR Produces Rapid Improvement and Sustainable Growth

“A Tale of Small Cities: How 360 Degree Engagement Saved Franklin Hospital”


Challenges to the survival of rural hospitals are well documented and intensifying. As the local economy spiraled through high unemployment and population loss, Franklin Hospital faced insolvency. A lack of trust and confidence in its future threatened to make “rumors of its demise” a reality.


The collection and detailed analysis of internal and external data revealed significant, unnecessary leakage out of the market for services that were offered at Franklin Hospital. Tiller-Hewitt prioritized services the hospital could deliver locally and laser-focused the Physician Liaison | Strategic Sales Program for rapid, measurable results and sustainable growth.

The team quickly executed a strategic and systematic outreach to maximize growth opportunities for the hospital by keeping: 1) patients close to home, 2) local physicians retained and busy, 3) specialists on staff and in rotation in the community, 4) neighboring facilities engaged as partners versus competitors, 5) consistent and frequent in-field communication with providers and their staff.

The PHR program included a system for communication and quick response to community sentiment and physician feedback. The hospital was hardwired for sustainable improvement, backed by leadership commitment, customer service training, and high-performance, professional outreach and marketing.


The PHR program increased the hospital’s incremental revenue by $1.9 million in the first year, a 39% increase. Over two years, market share grew from 31% to 44% (a 42% increase). This trajectory for growth positioned the hospital to develop new funding sources, recruit and retain quality providers, pursue profitable care delivery and diversify reimbursement sources.

Today, the hospital employs over 200 people while generating over $40 million in annual gross revenue. Franklin Hospital celebrated its 60th anniversary with the resilience and resources to undertake an $8 million renovation to continue improving access to high-quality and safe healthcare for their rural community and surrounding market area.

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“As the CEO of a Critical Access Hospital I was skeptical about Tiller-Hewitt’s promise to increase our market share.”

“I am a skeptic no more as Tiller-Hewitt’s program helped us to increase our market share from 31% to 44% in just two short years.”

Hervey Davis, President, Franklin Hospital

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