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Data Analytics and Tracking Software for Healthcare Leaders

The Right Data at the Right Time Is Your Best Navigation Tool for Healthcare Strategic Growth

Healthcare leaders need timely, relevant data and insights from the field that tell a complete story and support the right decisions to minimize leakage, maximize network utilization, protect market share and grow high-margin service lines and specialties. That’s why we have curated the most effective data solutions to inform our clients’ decisions about making smart investments in strategic growth.

Healthcare PRM TrackerPLUS Is Intelligent Software

Does your outreach team have a system in place to track activity, implement growth strategies and capture critical issues and opportunities? You need a robust - but simple-to-use market intelligence and real-time referral tracking platform. TrackerPLUS enables you to resolve issues, pivot quickly in a fast-changing environment, and stop leakage before it’s too late.

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Market Share and Referral Analysis

Painting a clear picture of your organization’s market share and referral patterns is the essential first step in revealing the most promising opportunities to build closer physician alignment, stop network leakage and identify new opportunities for high-margin growth.

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