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Maximize Physician Retention and Engagement with our Expert Strategies

How We Can Help You Retain Quality Healthcare Providers

Replacing a physician costs over $250,000, leaving a multi-million-dollar loss of downstream revenue. That’s why organizations focused on strategic growth understand the value of rapid-ramp up and long-term retention of their best physicians and advanced practice providers (APPs). We wrote the playbook for engaging new recruits – and their families – within the organization and community.

Physician Relationship Management and Advanced Practice Provider Integration and Retention

Confusing onboarding with orientation is a common – but very costly – error that many healthcare organizations make. Best-practice onboarding delivers measurable results through faster productivity, greater satisfaction and higher retention. A full year of onboarding improves engagement and eliminates the barriers that can prevent physicians, APPs - and their families - from full integration into their practice and community.

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Physician Relations & APP Mentorship

Offering mentorship provides a significant competitive advantage and a benefit that candidates value when being recruited. Highly engaged physicians and APPs serving as mentors guide their peers in navigating the organization’s cultural and operational landscape in their first year of practice. Studies have shown that assigning mentors to new recruits measurably increases satisfaction and retention.

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A Skilled Physician Relationship Manager Can Aid In Rapid Practice Ramp-up

New physicians and APPs can quickly lose their enthusiasm (not to mention income) when broken onboarding and slow credentialing stymies the growth of their practice. Our rapid ramp-up program is the guaranteed way to break through onboarding bottlenecks and ensure a strong start when new recruits join your team.

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Physician Liaison Training Via Our Engagement Retreat

Leaders of any organization will attest to the challenge of keeping clinicians engaged when there is a highly diverse mix of work styles, generations, practice locations and levels of experience. A facilitated retreat builds the foundation for engaging your key stakeholders in strategic decisions, uniting administrative and clinical teams, and securing their support for key initiatives.

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