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My First Blog

My First Blog

I’m excited and admittedly a little nervous about my new blog. While I’ve studied the do’s and the don’ts of blogging, I’ve also studied the do’s and the don’ts of diets and exercise, love and marriage, selling and ringing the cash register; all have conflicting rules! As a general rule, I don’t like rules; though, in the spirit of readership, I promise to follow the rules related to keeping with interesting content, giving you a return for the time you’ve invested, with the utmost respect for those like me, who have a very limited attention span, better known as shiny object syndrome. I’ll blog about it soon. With those few rules and one secret ingredient, I feel we’ll deliver an ongoing successful blog.

Old Fashion Common Sense

I read a lot of blogs and to my constant surprise, the blogs (about any topic) I enjoy the most have that one essential ingredient, good-ole-fashion common sense. I read and think “YES!” That makes perfect sense. Sometimes with a little healthy envy or over-confidence, I even think I coulda-shoulda wrote that!
All too often, significant problems and opportunities – from the board room to the storeroom to the bedroom – could be solved or realized by employing a little common sense. It’s so true “common sense ain’t so common!” My goal is to stick with a model full of it (common sense that is)!

Hopefully, you’ll be entertained, inspired, encouraged ~ with a little self-reflection perhaps, but mostly you’ll be motivated in an area you or someone you love may need! Just so you know, while I can be sassy, push rules to their limits, and get all up-in-your-business, I am a Christian girl who believes wholeheartedly that we serve a BIG God, who can do exceedingly abundantly more than we can ever ask or imagine! Nervous yes, afraid to think big, NO!

Remembering Your First…

Whether we’re talking about your first bike ride (without training wheels) or first crush, first kiss, first love or break-up, first job or paycheck, first child, first business, first win or first loss; the first time is often the scariest, maybe the most painful, either way, it’s almost always the most memorable!
Writing this blog reminded me that it’s been way too long since I’ve done something “for the first time.” It was really fun.
Question: When’s the last time you did something for the first time?