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Success vs Significance

Success vs Significance
Recently while revisiting my yearly goals, I was thrilled that I was further along than I had been any other year. I’ve been running full throttle this entire year, so it was a nice that the finish line was closer than I thought; especially given my body was actually feeling it this year! But that’s what success is about, right? I’ll just suck it up, focus on the finish line, and prepare to celebrate!
I normally set five annual goals. Two are professional, two are personal, and one is what I call a make a difference goal. In that order, which didn’t occur to me until now. As I went goal by goal, mentally hearing “check – check” the mental debate began.

I’ve spoken at conferences, completed a significant professional certification, launched a few new programs, added a bunch of new clients, and even finished reading the Bible! Awesome…CHECK please!
I thought wait, all of my goals are about me! Of course they are I debated, they’re my goals. Obviously they’re your goals; after all, it’s all about you! Wait a minute, why do you have to put it that way? Seriously, way to rain on my own parade! Aren’t these goals exactly what we wanted to accomplish this year? That was the plan, at least I thought…
I quickly became tired of this draining debate (with myself) and clicked onto Pinterest, one of my favorite places to go for a little mental break. Big shock, the first thing I saw was a poster that said “What if you woke up today with only the things you thanked God for yesterday?” Really?! Break over!
I forgot to mention that the title of my goal sheet is “Make it Matter” Goals. That was supposed to keep me focused on significance vs. success! How have any of my goals made it matter? Not so sure they have, they could, but not sure they have…yet!
Thankfully (I always give thanks for the day I was given!) I’m ahead of schedule. So for the remainder of my “days given” this year, my “goal” is to turn successful goals into make-it-matter goals that bring significance to others, not just me!
What significance will you bring this year…It’s not too late!