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Charting Your Course

Charting Your Course

Physician Liaisons, Physician Relations, and Physician Outreach teams, I have one question for you. WHY?

Why is it so hard for family, or worse our co-workers and other key stakeholders, to understand what we really do? To us it’s so obvious; I mean really, what DON’T we do?

The truth is some people will probably never get it! I still laugh when I hear my parents describe my job! I believe in part it’s because we genuinely enjoy our position to a degree that confuses most people, many of whom sadly don’t understand being in love with a job.

How can we better demonstrate our purpose and value, especially to key stakeholders?

My favorite doctor, Dr. Seuss said “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” So we turned the WHY into WHY NOT? Why not identify all the areas where we must demonstrate through actions and results, our relevance and value by absolutely turning each inside out?

Given we work with hospitals every day implementing and managing physician liaison programs, we thought WHY NOT create a way to share best practices that help you challenge the status quo and think differently about the value we can and do bring to the physician integration arena.

We decided the fastest and most cost-efficient way to get started was to create a custom-built webinar series that is absolutely jam-packed with TIMELY AND RELEVANT tools and resources that are proven and address specific physician relations and retention issues while preparing for emerging trends in physician integration. It’s the PhD of physician integration! This was a true labor of love!
If you’re looking for a competitive edge and way to laser-focus your efforts to take your results to a whole new level, sign up for this program.

10 Things You’ll Miss if You Don’t Sign Up

  1. A proven 20-Point Inspection that will guide you to have a Best Practice Physician Liaison and Retention Program
  2. Tools and techniques to remain essential through a long-term physician integration strategy
  3. Strategies to gain a competitive advantage through leading a retention-oriented culture
  4. The chance to establish and prove your role and value to your Employed Physician Enterprise
  5. The competitive edge you realize when using data readily available to immediately start driving Off-the-Chart results
  6. Referral tracking systems to laser-focus your efforts, identify and plug leaks, and measure your shifts and results – every single month
  7. The WHY – easy ways to consistently challenge the status quo and think differently
  8. Real tactics to prepare and navigate internal and external detours and roadblocks
  9. Annual Report Card development that succinctly quantifies your results with an easy to manage Reward System
  10. Emerging trend insights and the changing role of Physician Liaisons

This week I’m speaking at the 2012 American Association of Physician Liaison’s annual conference in Jersey City. It’s an event where hundreds of Liaisons gather together to network, recharge, shop (that was just inserted to see if you’re really reading), and look for best practices in the emerging physician integration trends. This is a group that can be best described as hungry fighters and loyal brave hearts, which makes it a privilege to be a part of this event.

It isn’t where you came from; it’s where you’re going that counts!