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The Right Stuff: Achieving Goals and Winning Trust

The Right Stuff: Achieving Goals and Winning Trust

Achieving goals while winning trust requires a balance of hard and soft skills, structure and instinct, autonomy and teamwork, head and heart. And, Beverley Fox-Bray, Director of Physician Outreach at Merit Health Wesley, nails it!

This chapter in Beverley’s professional journey began 18 months ago, as we relaunched the Physician-Hospital Relations program in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Working together to structure the program, gather data, deliver data-driven insights and build teams around key growth initiatives, what had previously been a loosely defined job came into focus as a key role.

BeverleyBeverley Fox-Bray, Director of Professional Outreach, Merit Health Wesley

The structural foundation, along with engagement from the C-Suite and cross-disciplinary teams, empowered Beverley to effectively channel her drive and energy toward delivering value to providers and achieving the hospital’s goals.

“I went from juggling to flying,” Beverley said. “Once the program was laid out, expectations were clearly defined and we engaged the right training, tools and support, I felt confident I could more effectively use both my skills and my instincts; my head and my heart.”

Beverley represents Merit-Wesley’s commitment to being accountable to their physicians and building relationships as a trusted advocate for them, their teams and patients.

Because of her strong performance and spot-on instincts about what it takes to excel in professional outreach, we recognized Beverley as “Tiller-Hewitt’s Trainer of the Year” for 2014. She has structured and delivered training, onsite in Hattiesburg, for 14 Liaisons from across the country.

CEO Michael Neuendorf notes that Beverley is among the best he’s seen at follow-ups. Dr. Carla Holder of Merit Health Wesley’s Emergency Department now greets her as Beverley “Get-it-Done” Fox-Bray.

But, to Beverley, it goes deeper, “I’m grateful and privileged to be part of a team that listens well and digs in deep to keep our promises.”