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Physician Recruitment and Onboarding: Risky Business

Physician Recruitment and Onboarding: Risky Business

When it comes to physician recruitment and retention, hundreds of thousands of dollars are wasted recruiting physicians who decline offers or leave quickly. On top of that, you lose $1 million of unrealized revenue for every physician vacancy. During physician recruitment and onboarding, do your current physicians help you “seal the deal” or do they torpedo a wonderful recruit?

Physicians listen to their peers. And while your current physicians are your best advocates for recruiting excellent providers, they may also represent your greatest risk.

All too often, the prospective or newly recruited physician – excited to arrive in your community – encounters negativity from physicians who are frustrated with the hospital.

It’s also common for a new provider to quickly lose his or her enthusiasm (not to mention income) because a broken credentialing and nominal orientation program stymies their patient volume, clinic workflow and productivity.
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The article we published in Becker’s Hospital Review makes it clear how you can benefit from an honest assessment of your onboarding program – and a few strategic moves in key areas – to drive success in physician recruitment and retention.

Check out how the complete (yet rapid) reinvention of Dayton Children’s onboarding program yielded astounding results with:

  • Credentialing time cut by two-thirds
  • Ramp-up to full productivity accelerated by nine months
  • Turnover lowered by 75%
Contact us with your thoughts about this critical area of physician-hospital relations.