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Embarking on a Meaningful Journey: Jennifer Ulrich a Liaison Up-and-Comer

Embarking on a Meaningful Journey: Jennifer Ulrich a Liaison Up-and-Comer

Jennifer Ulrich, Director of Professional Outreach Pottstown Memorial Medical CenterJennifer Ulrich‘s path to becoming Director of Professional Outreach for Pottstown Memorial Medical Center was more like a fast track. Her administrative team quickly recognized that she would be an excellent fit for the role, due to the self-motivation and thirst for knowledge she had demonstrated in her previous role as Advisor for Community Cares/Healthy Woman/Senior Circle. She accepted, and within one year, Jennifer was awarded the Non-Clinical Director of the year 2015.

With such rapid advancement, Jennifer is a Liaison Up-and-Comer by every definition:
Up-and-Comers: New to the profession, they have already demonstrated standout skills and received excellent reviews from CEOs, service line directors, and physicians. Working with providers and their office staff, the liaison is always prepared to deliver value, problem-solve, and communicate effectively. They utilize feedback to continuously improve.
We talked with Jennifer to gain insight on how to quickly learn the role – and achieve early success – as a hospital liaison.

What are the essential skills or qualities that help you succeed as a liaison?

Keeping my word. I never make promises to the physicians, or their staff, that I know I cannot keep and accomplish.

What part of your job as a liaison do you love the most?

Being part of the solution – listening to the concerns my physicians have and working on ways to improve our services.

What is the least favorite part of your job?

The turnaround time on items that I do not own. But, I realize that the collaborative nature of the liaison role means setting priorities, managing expectations, and enabling others to be part of the solution.

What is your most memorable accomplishment?

Being named Non-clinical Director of the year. It wasn’t so much the award, as the recognition for being an “outstanding advocate for PMMC.” Being recognized for effective advocacy means so much because it speaks to what we do as liaisons.

What future steps in your career path look most appealing to you?

The unknown keeps me excited. Healthcare is constantly changing, but knowing that I play a role in making sure patients receive the care that they need and deserve makes the journey meaningful.

What advice do you have for your “younger self” and for your “future self?”

To my younger self, I say: Don’t stress over your mistakes. They will make you stronger and wiser.

My advice to my future self: Don’t lose yourself. Remember to take time for you and your family—learn to live in the moment.

Whom do you consider to be a mentor?

My former CEO. He pushes me to be the best—allowing me to grow as a young leader.

If you could leave a legacy to your successor, your hospital, or community: what would it be?

Stay true to yourself and the values that you hold dear to your heart.

In a nutshell – why did you become a liaison?

I enjoy helping others and creating processes to drive positive outcomes.

In what ways has the Tiller-Hewitt program made a difference in your professional journey?

By providing me with a solid foundation to continue growing in a profession that I love!

The Liaison Legacy series celebrates the 15th anniversary of Tiller-Hewitt Healthcare Strategies by offering a forum for sharing best practices.  Learn more about how we can help you leave a strong legacy within your profession, hospital, and community.