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Thanksgiving from the Field – Thankful for Each of You

Thanksgiving from the Field – Thankful for Each of You

The approaching holidays are a time of reflection.

As we review the past year, the past 15 years for Tiller–Hewitt HealthCare Strategies and the past 30+ years for me, it becomes crystal clear that the single thing we have to be most thankful for is the blessing of one another.

There is a reason for every challenge we face in our personal lives, careers and in this crazy industry we’ve all chosen: to discover the amazing success that happens when we work together.

When we work together, we truly make a difference – and Make it Matter! – for our teams, families and communities.

As a special thank you this week, here’s a link to our entire Friday from the Field video library (15 videos and growing)! We hope you’ll find these tips and advice helpful at every stage of your journey!

Many blessings to you and yours for a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday!