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Stop Trying to “Get Past the Gatekeeper”: Earn Your Fast Pass

Stop Trying to “Get Past the Gatekeeper”: Earn Your Fast Pass

One of the biggest challenges to “getting the sale,” is getting past the gatekeeper. In the gatekeeper’s eyes, you’re one of many in a pool of professional visitors. They spot you when you walk in the door: professional attire; friendly face and positive attitude; a large bag with flyers, order forms, brochures; and the facility badge.
So, what sets you apart from the rest? What ensures you get that “fast pass” from the gatekeeper to speak with the decision-maker?
Here are the qualities that separate you from the rest and secure your status as a trusted advisor:

  1. Preparedness
    • Understand the value of P6 “Prior Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance!”
    • You’re ready for any interaction with providers, whether it’s a hallway conversation or a scheduled meeting in their conference room.
    • Are you pre-planning every provider call? You may be there to sell your new imaging center, but the provider wants to discuss their surgery block time. Be prepared for anything!
  2. WIIFT Perspective – “What’s in it for them?”
    • You know your customer!
    • You bring value to all referral sources because you know their needs and day-to-day challenges. Understanding the perspective of your providers will elevate you to become a trusted advisor in every office.
    • Do you know what it’s like to refer a patient to your facility? How many times does the customer have to call, e-mail, or fax information just to get an MRI scheduled? What’s it like to schedule that same MRI with your competitor?
  3. Engagement
    • You are engaged in every office, both with the providers and staff.
    • Not only do you know the receptionist’s name but you also know the name of her two Pomeranians (and that she celebrates their birthdays each year!).
    • Are you taking the time to meet and get to know the staff members in your providers’ offices? The office manager or referral coordinator may hold the keys to gaining the trust (and referrals!) that you’re after.
  4. Data-Driven
    • You know who your top referral sources are because you have timely data at your fingertips.
    • Using timely data, you demonstrate the value and influence you bring to the table.
    • Who are your top five referral sources? Who’s up and who’s down? If you’re not seeing timely data on a regular basis then the answers to those questions might surprise you.
  5. Accountability
    • Not all issues can be solved in one day, but you can guarantee a 24-hour response. The issue may not be resolved, but the provider knows the steps you have taken to find a resolution.
    • What’s your standard for resolving providers’ issues? Remember, for a physician who deals with life and death situations on a daily basis, anything longer than 24-hours may be viewed as long-term planning, evasion, and unnecessary delay; or what they call a “slow NO.”

Being prepared will earn you the respect from providers and their staff—and get you that coveted “fast pass.” But remember, showing respect to every office staff member only reinforces that you are the REAL DEAL and ensures you stand out in the crowd.

Resource: Check out our webinar Getting Past the Gatekeeper: 9 Tips to Make it 99% Easier. You’ll learn the essential skills you will need to get past the gatekeeper and earn your fast pass to the decision-maker.