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A+ Tips From 7 Superstar Liaisons

A+ Tips From 7 Superstar Liaisons

If delivering A+ value to physicians in the field was easy, every liaison would do it every day. But we know that there is a “great divide” between being a “professional visitor” and being the one that earns the coveted status of “trusted advisor” to your physicians and their office teams.

In the same way, there is a big gap between attending a conference vs. investing in the type of training that results in learning new skills and improving your performance.

That’s why we love to report the results of our consultative sales training workshops!
Check out the video for tips and takeaways that seven superstar liaisons from Virtua Health share. Not only did they earn top scores in our book, they gave our workshop an A+ review. Learn more about our consultative sales training workshops. Or, contact us to get a copy of our “report card.”

Better yet, register NOW for our Oct. 5-6 workshop in St. Louis, using the form below!