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Recently I spoke at a national conference of physician relations, liaisons and outreach professionals from around the country. You will never believe the #1 complaint I heard. It was job boredom and liaison burnout. That is reflective of a program “gone stale” or perhaps even the lack of continual buy-in from leadership!

Trust me when I say, physicians and their staff see right through this because if you’re bored, I guarantee you’re boring.

Let’s keep it real: who enjoys listening to a singer who sings flat, a speaker who is monotone, or a comedian who isn’t funny? No one, that’s who! The same holds true for a bored liaison. If you want to energize your audience about your message or organization, you must have twice or maybe ten-times their energy to ignite their interests.

Boredom is easy to slip into if we’re not continuously intentional, but the great news is acknowledging it is your first step to overcoming it. Here are four tips to reignite your passion and energy.

REALITY: Don’t be ashamed to accept that in the course of your routine, boredom has slipped in. The reality is when we don’t mix up our routine, our message and our delivery will eventually expire. The time always comes to mix it up and evaluate the need for a little reinvention.

POTENTIAL: You are nowhere near using your God-given potential. So if you think you have nothing left to give, then you really only have two choices: Change jobs or change your thinking. You have a birds-eye seat of your organization. You have the best job in healthcare. USE IT!

INTENTIONAL: Only a very few things happen naturally – the sun comes up and the sun goes down. Almost everything else, and certainly success, comes from being intentional. If you want to stay on the top of your game and change the world with your role, then you must be intentional.
Perhaps you need additional training. Go back and spend time in a department each month. As you’re learning what’s new in their department, remind your colleagues what you do, too. What a great way to collaborate!

INVEST IN YOURSELF. Please don’t ever say, “Well, my boss won’t pay for it.” COME ON! You are the captain of your own ship. Get your checkbook out and invest in yourself. It will be the best investment you’ve ever made!

We have all kinds of resources on our website to help re-energize you, from our weekly, two-minute tips to pre-recorded webinars. We offer live workshops you can attend – or customize and bring straight to your team.

But caution: We can take you to next level. Be sure that is where you want to go!