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If You Aim at Nothing, You’ll Hit it Every Time!

If You Aim at Nothing, You’ll Hit it Every Time!

So what are you aiming at today? We’ll all get 1,440 minutes today and every day. What if I told you I could give you that amount in CASH every single day? If I promised to have $1,440 on your nightstand every morning when you opened your eyes, I bet you would already have plans for that money days, or even longer, in advance. NO WAY would you risk losing that guaranteed money by neglecting to plan for it every day because just like TIME, its use it or lose it!
So let me ask you again … What are you aiming at today?

Unless today is cut short because it’s our last, everyone has the same amount of time every day. Why can some accomplish so much more with the same amount of time? Priorities! Achievers determine “in advance” what they want to do, then tackle it in the order of importance. They determine by planning and setting GOALS! By planning and setting GOALS, they Make it Matter!

Research Shows

Years ago, Yale University did a study of their graduating class. They asked who had goals that were written down with deadlines. Only three-percent answered yes. Twenty years later the same group was surveyed and they discovered that the net worth of that 3% was more than the other 97% COMBINED!
What’s the moral of that story? Goals work and almost no one uses them. So if nothing else let me appeal to your competitive spirit. If you want to rise above your competition, here’s your chance…set your goals today!

Don’t Just Think It …. INK IT!

While setting goals should be a thoughtful process, we ALL know of 1-3 very important goals we need to accomplish. Most are related to family, marriage, financial, physical, mental, spiritual, business, or career. So right NOW, write down a minimum of 3 goals you want to accomplish. Post them in a place that allows you to see them every day. Make them smart.

What are SMART Goals?

S: Specific – about what you want to accomplish
M: Measurable – Quantify! Lose 20 lbs, 10 sales calls/day, 1 book/month, 1 date night/month, etc.
A: Attainable – make them a stretch but still attainable
R: Relevant – important and related to your success
T: Time-Bound – a completion date ~ think of it as your finish line!

Excuses & Accountability

Is Someday your favorite day? You know, Someday I’ll do this or Someday I’ll do that! Most of us have a little Someday in us.
Let’s get real! Most of us need help staying accountable, especially when it comes to doing AND sticking to something for ourselves! Because I suffer from Shiny Object Syndrome, I absolutely must have a coach to keep focused to cross many different finish lines! So hire or ask a friend or colleague to coach you. It really works!

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Prefer to go it alone? Go to FutureMe and schedule to send yourself a few Dear Future Me letters to keep yourself on track. It’s fun too! No more excuses, make today your someday!

Sense of Urgency

Since we can neither save-up nor turn-back-time, we must approach goal-setting with a sense of urgency, starting with our aim (setting SMART goals), staying on track with help if needed, and then celebrating our successes as we hit them … 1,440 minutes at a time. I’m betting on YOU and your continued success!

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