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Invest in Yourself: Why Training Matters

Invest in Yourself: Why Training Matters

In our Liaison Value and Compensation Benchmark Survey, 70% of respondents said that they consider their role as sales. But only 26% identified budgets allocated specifically to sales training, while double that number have a budget for conferences. That uncovers a significant opportunity for a career-changing trade-off by using conference allocations for training that will build your skills.

Why is that a game-changer? Because research shows that the return on investment for training is significantly higher than attending a conference. When seeking advancement in the ultra-competitive healthcare industry, ask yourself: “Would conference attendance or the completion of a training program look better on my resume?”

The best way to convince leadership to invest in you, is to invest in yourself! Training and professional development may ultimately require a personal investment of funds and time to drive performance to the next level and reach full potential. It has been the best investment many superstar liaisons have ever made!

Check out our video and you’ll see what a “Tiller-Hewitt Trained” liaison has to say about how training has changed the course of her career.

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