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How often are you “practicing at the top of your license”?

How often are you “practicing at the top of your license”?

Our COO – Thomas “Tommy” Tiller II – is currently launching a multi-hospital/multi-liaison outreach program for a large health system. In doing so, he again is reminded of the most common obstacle liaisons face while trying to get and stay out in the field working with providers and their staff.

Tommy draws an interesting parallel between a similar obstacle providers must overcome day after day in their own practices to become and stay successful.
In this week’s Friday from the Field video, Tommy discusses the specifics of this obstacle and offers suggestions to overcome. For you competitive superstar liaisons – let’s see if you’ll accept Tommy’s two-week challenge.

After watching the video, we’d love to hear your findings on how you plan to increase the amount of face-to-face time with your providers.

One last note…as Tommy mentions, it’s not too late to register for our Make-it-Matter Liaison Training Workshop on May 3-4 in St. Louis. We would love for you to join us!