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One of Liaisons’ Biggest Obstacles to Success -Proving Your Value (Continued)

One of Liaisons’ Biggest Obstacles to Success -Proving Your Value (Continued)

Last week we discussed the importance of staying in the field. However, we didn’t see the results of Lauren’s efforts on that cold and snowy day. Check out this week’s Friday From the Field Video for the rest of her story.

One of the most impactful ways to prove your value is to stay in the field. In our recent Compensation and Benchmark Survey of just less than 200 liaisons, one of the biggest obstacles to success is proving your value to leadership. When you are in the field, you are not only cultivating physician relationships, but also collecting essential intel that leadership would likely otherwise miss. If Lauren would have chosen to postpone her office visits this particular day, she may have passed on an opportunity to show her value to leadership.

It’s not always perfect weather, but we promise, being in the field will produce results. Hang in there liaisons! Even though Punxsutawney Phil says we have 6 more weeks of Winter – Spring will arrive soon – then your colleagues will be super envious of your days outdoors… in the field.

Tell us your #physicianliaisoninsider story. We have some awesome videos lined up for you!