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Paying Attention to the SMALL STUFF

Paying Attention to the SMALL STUFF

Wins come in all shapes and sizes. In today’s fast paced, instant gratification world, we too often focus on the BIG wins that are few and far between. In reality, small wins can happen every single day, providing benefits just as significant. In continuing our Physician Liaison Insider mini-series Friday From the Field Video, Beverley – a superstar liaison from Hattiesburg, Mississippi, shares her story of how a small win helped demonstrate her value early in her liaison career.

Beverley also mentions our go-to phrase, to be the “path of least resistance.” I am sure you have heard that phrase thrown around, but have you really dug-in lately to ensure that your physicians and offices have “the path of least resistance” with your organization? Beverley’s story might help!

For a quick refresher on digging a little deeper for wins of all sizes, check out one of our past blog posts: Getting Physicians to Choose You. You’ll find seven quick steps on generating more physician referrals by ensuring that “path of least resistance”.

We hope everyone is enjoying our #PhysicianLiaisonInsider mini-series. We strive to make it all about helping YOU demonstrate value and celebrate your daily wins!