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How to Win Fans and Influence Physicians

How to Win Fans and Influence Physicians

David Womack, CEO of Practice Management Institute, gives us expert insight on planning successful value added events for physician practices.

Providing education for the physician’s office staff is an excellent way of providing a value-added service while allowing you to begin or enhance a relationship.

David Womack, CEODavid Womack, CEO Practice Management Institute

When I talk to anyone outside of healthcare and tell them how difficult it is to run a physician practice, the response is always the same.  “Wow, I didn’t realize that.” 

Few people have an appreciation for how third-party reimbursement works, and many have no idea all the rules and regulations affecting healthcare for patient safety and confidentiality.

Physician liaisons truly have an appreciation for the complexities of running a medical practice.  You see it firsthand.

Providing education for physician’s office staff is a real win-win.

Let’s set the stage.  First, it’s an event.  My most successful host partners have always treated an educational offering as an event.  From coffee and rolls to lunch if needed, the office staff always consider coming to the “event” as special.  From the liaison perspective, the office staff in attendance, is likely one of many gatekeepers in the practice.  Getting to know this person outside the practice has great benefit.

Making announcements or a brief introduction about a new service line is fine, but the goal is to keep things on track and focused on the learning for the day.  Of course, the content is the key driver.  Billers, coders and managers alike, all need the latest information whether it’s related to new codes, guidelines, QPP, MACRA, or a host of reimbursement and compliance guidelines that they must understand and follow.

Last, and maybe most important, make this event about the people who came.  The participants will be grateful for the time away to learn and grow in their roles.  They will thank you for offering the opportunity.  That’s the goal, and the win-win.

Training events, done on a consistent basis, can help build a network of strong, more successful offices, and followers – and fans!

Practice Management Institute has been providing education for physician offices for over 30 years.  We’ve always partnered with Hospitals and Healthcare Systems to develop better relationships.  Tiller-Hewitt HealthCare Strategies works with hospitals, hospital systems and other healthcare organizations to create Market Share growth through high-performance physician liaison programs, provider referral networks, and physician onboarding and retention programs.

If you need help establishing any of these programs in your community, please contact us.