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Tackling Challenges – Green and Growing or Ripe and Rotting

Tackling Challenges – Green and Growing or Ripe and Rotting

New year – new challenges.  Or, perhaps just another version of the same ole challenges rearing their ugly heads?  I’ve got to be honest, in my over 20 years launching and managing liaisons and sales programs, I rarely hear a new challenge, which honestly is pretty boring.  If you change your mindset about challenges, it could change your world and open up opportunities you didn’t know existed. So lets see if you’re up for this new “challenge.”

We’ll start with something basic… sandpaper!  We use sandpaper to smooth out or rough something up.  Sandpaper is used to prepare something for something else to come.  Sure enough, that’s the same thing a challenge creates. What if we thought about our challenges as sandpaper and how a challenge can do the same for us.   Now it doesn’t sound so painful – in fact it seems exciting.

Challenges actually make us better, faster, stronger.  In fact, without challenges most of us – even you high achievers – would become complacent and plateau.  Think about world history and all the discoveries made, the vast majority came from overcoming a challenge. It just keeps getting more exciting!

I heard a saying once that we’re “either green and growing or ripe and rotting!”  Growth is the result of challenges!   Facing your challenges with a new perspective, I dare say – even looking for new challenges – will prepare you to soar to the levels you were born to reach!

You may also want to check out a recent blog on one of our most heard challenges: Getting Past The Gatekeeper

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