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New conversations are hiding in your hospital’s data!

New conversations are hiding in your hospital’s data!

If you are receiving our monthly holiday and observance calendars, you’ll see that next Thursday, July 12th is “New Conversations Day”. In this week’s Friday From the Field, Jamie Utt shares a challenge to start new conversations with a few unsuspecting practices. She gives you three tips to help start new conversations with a new practice. It’s a win-win. Each tip offers an opportunity for a return visit to this new practice, increasing your chances of obtaining additional referrals to your organization.

Jamie was a liaison for several years and loved the challenges that visiting a new practice offered. While it’s not always easy to penetrate a new practice, because you once again must face the gatekeeper, it’s the perfect way to keep things exciting with the reward of increased referrals and market share.

We would love to hear about your new conversations! So many opportunities can be found in your organizations data just waiting to act on. Take advantage of any physician referral or utilization reports that you can obtain and let that data tell you a story. This is how you become the superstar liaison that stands the test of time. And…if you aren’t getting data, we need to talk. Remember, without data, you’re just another person with an opinion!

Don’t forget to subscribe to our calendars and use the fun observances to connect with your physician practices. FYI, National Sugar Cookie Day is Monday, July 9th!