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Bringing Value with the Right Collaterals

Bringing Value with the Right Collaterals

With today’s technology, we all do more and more online. While that is great for some, it may not fit the needs of our referring providers. Remember one size doesn’t fit all.

I’ve seen business lost after a liaison said “just go to our website.” It’s not that easy for offices! You never want to miss a referral because they don’t have the right referral information or tools at their finger-tips.

In this week’s Friday From the Field video, Kim Grant, Regional Manager discusses delivering value through providing the right collaterals. She is literally going to share a set of collaterals we should consider keeping in paper form too.

Not everyone has an EMR or one that is integrated with anyone. We want to always look for ways to provide the path of least resistance when it comes to sending business our way. Ask what they need and DON’T need – then deliver.

Back to basics,