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Onboarding is NOT Orientation!

Onboarding is NOT Orientation!

In this week’s Friday From the Field video, Tammy Tiller-Hewitt and Kim Grant come to you from the field where they led a group of over 100 providers, managers and leaders in a multi-day provider onboarding lean event.

When we ask leaders if they have a provider onboarding program, we often hear “Yes of course.” When we ask how long and hear the standard “a couple days to a couple weeks” – We are here to tell you that is NOT an onboarding program – that is orientation! Confusing the two can literally be a multi-million dollar mistake.

During our onsite events we take a deep dive into processes, bringing in people from multiple departments and disciplines to identify ways to lean or remove steps in the process, ultimately making it easier for the provider and their families to integrate into the community and organization, while ramping-up for long-term retention.

Take a listen at the number of action items that were discovered during this event – spoiler alert – the number might shock you! Even if it was triple, the most important take away is this… it’s always the best organizations that make this kind of investment in people and resources to ensure their processes are gold standard so they can continue to attract and retain the best and brightest – year after year!

Check out more about our onboarding and lean services and feel free to call if you want to take your onboarding to the gold standard level.