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Same Tune – Different Words

Same Tune – Different Words

We’re all in sales, but only the brave ones admit it! That’s one of my favorite Zig Ziglar quotes. I remember that quote (and smile) when I hear leaders and even liaisons say, “I’m not really in sales!

You might not “really” be in sales – but I promise we’re always “really” selling – even if it’s our ideas or concepts. Since not everyone is buying what we’re selling, we will face objections.

Three common objections from a different perspective.

Recently a few health system leaders joined the business development team for a taste of “sales training.” As you can imagine the leaders were confused about why they were invited, because they certainly didn’t consider themselves “sales.” But as always happens, by the end they all joined the LAND OF THE BRAVE and not only admitted – but embraced – what a significant role sales plays in their position and life!

The FUN part was when discussing overcoming objections – I asked them to do a musical exercise. Yes, they SANG and I videoed it for you to understand how to hear objections differently. You’ll recognize these songs – but I want to see if you can figure out the real message behind the tune.

I’ll wrap it up with how to handle the top 3 objection “tunes” we hear in the field!

Be brave,