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Bring Value While Working from Home

Bring Value While Working from Home

Take a look at this week’s Friday From the Field video as Tammy Tiller-Hewitt shares another way to bring value while working from home.

Do you ever get to a restaurant knowing what you’re going to order, but after looking over the menu you discover another entrée, appetizer, or dessert that you didn’t even know existed? Yeah – same here!

What about the menu of services from your organization? Do all of your practices realize all that your organization offers? Even if you’ve told them once – twice – multiple times, we guarantee they can’t possibly keep up with it all.

Hospital FormThat’s why we created our Request for Resources. It’s an easy plug and chug template that allows you to create an inventory or “menu” of all that your organization offers providers, their staff, and patients. This is a perfect project to complete while you’re out of the field and allow you to bring value while working from home.

Download the Request for Resources template, customize and blast it out to all your practices and referral sources. They can take an inventory of what they have, don’t have and perhaps best of all…see all that they didn’t know existed.

Once they send it back, gather everything up and deliver it. This could actually serve as part of your re-entry plan!

It doesn’t have to be perfectly comprehensive the first pass – just get started.