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Make YOU Matter

Make YOU Matter

Welcome to 2020!

Healthy liaison = happy wealthy liaison! Wealth is in the eye of the beholder.

To that, we are thrilled to begin a new health and wellness series on one Friday each month, as part of our Friday from the Field series. We know when most of us hear health and wellness, we think the dreaded diet and exercise – but honestly it is SO MUCH MORE!

Many of you know Tiller-Hewitt’s certified health and wellness coach, Andrea Curless. Maybe you remember her from attending her painful boot camp or her soothing yoga classes at AAPL. Well in this new Make YOU Matter series she shares the 5 pillars of wellness and how they relate to YOU.

Each month she will present a video based on the five pillars; physical activity, nutrition, stress management, disease prevention and the so very important, self-care. Our goal with this series is to make you an all-around healthier and happier person, because YOU matter!

You don’t want to miss this awesome series.