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Make YOU Matter – How Much Water do YOU Need?

Make YOU Matter – How Much Water do YOU Need?

How Much Water do YOU Need?

This week we continue our Make YOU Matter series as our Health and Wellness Coach, Andrea Curless discusses one of her favorite topics – WATER!

Our bodies are made up of 60% water, making our intake of it extremely important. Water ensures that our bodies and organs can function properly and keeps us hydrated so we feel more energized.

In this week’s Friday from the Field video, Andrea breaks down the exact amount of water that YOU need. Surprisingly, it’s different for all of us. Take a look.

Stay hydrated and Make YOU Matter!

If you haven’t see our other health and wellness Make YOU Matter videos visit our Friday from the Field page. Andrea has several videos that include beneficial information on the five pillars – Nutrition, Physical Activity, Disease Prevention or Management, Stress Management and Self Care.