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COVID-19 Elective Surgery: Relaunch and Recovery

COVID-19 Elective Surgery: Relaunch and Recovery

As healthcare leaders begin to shift their focus to post COVID-19 elective surgery recovery, the resounding question from leadership teams has been “Where do I start?!” Our advice is to start by quantifying the elective surgery backlog and short to mid-term operating room capacity, modeling different scenarios of reopening based on current and expected guidelines and restrictions.

With volume and capacity quantified, you can model the time it will take to work through the backlog given your organization’s “current state”. For many organizations, physicians, and patients, the outputs of this model will be unacceptable. If you find yourself in that situation, you will have the framework necessary to guide the operations work that must be done to find alternative solutions to accommodate the COVID-19 elective surgery backlogs.

We have several complimentary resources available to help. If you’re just getting started or need confirmation of your efforts – download a complimentary Rapid Relaunch & Recovery Readiness Checklist and/or listen to the webinar we hosted for hundreds of healthcare leaders.

Call us if you need us. We stand ready to help with COVID-19 elective surgery questions as well as other Relaunch and Recovery strategies.