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Who’s on Your COVID-19 Business Recovery Team?

Who’s on Your COVID-19 Business Recovery Team?

Healthcare Leaders – this week’s message is for you.

We’re finding many healthcare organizations are shifting their focus to COVID-19 business recovery – so quickly – that they’re missing the critical first step. Since business recovery is a team sport – Step #1 is building your dream team. For every missing member – it will cost an organization time, money, and relationships.

As the leader, you understand the big picture, next your department leaders understand their service line needs and physician leaders represent their specialty. But who is providing the COVID-19 business recovery team an unbiased representation of all physician specialties and their staff, while simultaneously keeping the communication with them wide open? Hopefully, your answer is “my physician liaison or outreach team”!

Use their trusted-advisor status to communicate openly, honestly, and frequently with your most anxious group of stakeholders. Don’t let your competitors establish a better collaborative recovery plan. When your customers are anxious, they’re vulnerable. They need to hear from you …often!

We have several complimentary COVID-19 business recovery resources.

If you’re just getting started or need confirmation of your efforts – download a complimentary Rapid Relaunch & Recovery Readiness Checklist and/or listen to the webinar we hosted for hundreds of healthcare leaders.

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