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Providing Value by Uncovering and Solving Needs

Providing Value by Uncovering and Solving Needs


Have you ever gone shopping for that perfect outfit for a special event, but you can’t really articulate the outfit, only your need to look and feel great in it? Then after sharing it all with the sales associate, you discover the store doesn’t really carry what you’re looking for. But the best part – and what elevates their value (and yours in your story) - is that instead of them trying to convince you to settle for what they do sell – they have listened to understand your needs and make a recommendation on where you can find exactly what you’re looking for … outside their store. That is needs-based service at its finest!

Consumer experience in healthcare is how a patient feels about your hospital or health system based on their experiences. As you look to deliver value to your physicians and their patients it is so easy to forget that the solution may not be from within our organization and that’s okay- in fact in may even be preferred.

Take for example:

  • Ten years ago, 3M developed a concept for preventing surgery-related infections after getting help from a theatrical makeup specialist.
  • Steve Jobs used what he learned in a calligraphy class in college to enhance the first Macintosh.
  • An escalator company borrowed ideas from the mining industry to figure out how to install escalators in shopping malls.


As we look for resources that drive your value in or outside the organization, we found a unique solution in supporting physicians, APP’s and other healthcare professionals who care for breast cancer patients – especially post diagnosis and treatment. This solution capitalizes on what breast cancer patients want and already exists to increase patient satisfaction and loyalty within your offices.

While we are a few months out from breast cancer awareness month – breast cancer strikes every month, every day and on average, every 2 minutes a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer in the United States.

Check out this week’s Friday from the Field video as Beth Wilmes a former hospital leader, breast cancer survivor, author and founder of shares ways you can solve a need that will help your providers, patients and community support breast cancer care. Feel free to contact Beth directly for more information and tools you can use at, 636-459-0251 or www.FaithThroughFire.Org.

Uncover and solve a need today!