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Do You Love your PRM Platform?

Do You Love your PRM Platform?

Do you love your PRM - or is it more of a love/hate relationship? Join us in this week’s Friday from the Field as two superstar Liaisons Catherine Hurst and Brock Dockery with Archbold Medical Center, speak firsthand on the features they LOVE about their PRM, TrackerPLUS.

Listen in as they share how the PRM tool has helped drive successful outreach efforts.

No other PRM platform delivers the same stress-free implementation, field-tested experience and consultative support. That’s because TrackerPLUS is rooted in Tiller-Hewitt’s 21 years of experience training, managing and working with liaisons and outreach teams just like yours.

Visit our website to register for a complimentary TrackerPLUS PRM demo. We offer personalized demos just for you and your organization or join in to a group demo with peers from across the country. Our next group demo is next Monday, August 29th.

Come see what all the talk is about!