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Survey Says...

Survey Says...

We asked Liaisons for the reason they’re not hitting the “REGISTER BUTTON” for the Make it Matter Physician Liaison workshop.


We found that particularly interesting given the same objection is one of the top three objections liaisons hear in the field. Our response to that objection is almost always the same... “you're just not demonstrating the value that comes along with the cost!” Now it’s my turn.

In this training scenario, cost is the easiest to overcome. I mean, what great leader wouldn’t invest in a huge guaranteed return? But it’s up to you to sell the investment in you and your organization.

Let us share the support you need as well as a sample letter for you to send to your leader for buy-in and approval for this investment in you and your organization.

#1 Who Leads the Workshop

This training program was developed by industry-leading experts specializing in strategic and near-term growth. Tiller-Hewitt has spent over 2 decades assessing, launching, and managing hundreds of liaisons, liaison teams and programs. This workshop provides timely and relevant solutions that work from an organization whose team is in the field coaching and leading liaisons every day. Based on Tiller-Hewitt’s success record, many of those liaisons have gone on to senior leadership positions.

#2 What You Will Learn – Timely and relevant solutions that lead to strategic growth

  • Improved Communication Skills
  • Improved Use of data to direct and measure efforts
  • Improved Consultative Needs-Based Selling Skills, including
    • Pre-Call Planning
    • Getting Past the Gatekeeper to the Decision Maker
    • Overcoming Objections
    • Effective Listening
    • The Art of Asking Better Questions – Including Asking for Business
    • Follow-Through Skills + Internal Accountability to Support Field Response
  • Improved Strategic / Lean Thinking
  • Execution of Strategic Growth Plan

#3 The Return on Investment

Investing $1,000 is so small compared to the return!

$1,000 investment will easily show 100 to 1,000 times return - in the short-term - resulting in a $100,000 to over a million-dollar return.

    1. 1 new imaging procedure
    2. 1 new surgical referral
    3. 1 provider realignment with your organization, shifting their referrals to your organization
    4. 1 referral coordinator who now feels you understand their struggles and your process better
    5. Getting past the gatekeeper to high-volume referral sources
    6. Countless proven best-practice concepts from +20 years of managing liaisons, ready for immediate implementation.

#4. In just 3 days, you’ll learn and have access to proven techniques and skills specifically for Liaisons and Outreach Professionals that will pay off for years – personally and professionally.