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Make Time Matter

Make Time Matter

What comes to mind when you think about a timer?

Some people think about the timer on workout equipment or their smartwatch for tracking time during a walk or bike ride. Maybe yours is cooking – using a timer on your masterpiece in the oven. If you're a procrastinator like me, perhaps you too use a timer to stay focused on a project.

Next, what is your time-keeping preference? Is it time to completion or time completed? Let me ask it differently. 

Do you prefer timing how far you have left to go or how far you’ve already gone?

For me – when I first start a timer on exercise equipment, I initially set it for how far I have to go – but as I get closer to completion, I switch the timer to measure how far I’ve gone – because that encourages me with a feeling of accomplishment.

Now let’s apply our time-keeping method to this year.  

It’s still early in the year – so we’re probably measuring all the time left – some of us may even be hiding behind the time, convinced we have so much time to finish this or that … whatever this/that is.
But you and I will blink, and the end of the year will be knocking on our door.

While time can be such a game-changer, it’s too often overlooked because when we’re not “keeping time” it’s quiet – until it’s NOT.  

Let me help you MAKE TIME MATTER

Our Make it Matter Physician Liaison workshop spends 3 full days focusing on YOU. Get this, one module is called Make Time Matter.  Additionally, we focus on sharpening your skill set around your role as a physician liaison around communication, and proven techniques used by superstar liaisons across the country!

Get signed up – come alone or bring your entire team - if you have a large team, I’d love to bring the workshop to you and your organization. 

Make Time Matter,


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