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What Champions Have in Common

What Champions Have in Common

It's hard to escape the hype around the upcoming Super Bowl – but it does raise the question, what do championship football players and championship physician liaisons have in common?

There are four important similarities:

  1. Teamwork & Collaboration

If you’re not a team player – you will unlikely ever reach championship status. Talent may win games, but teamwork wins championships.

  1. A Healthy Sense of Competitiveness with a Sense Of Urgency

Both football and healthcare are highly competitive environments. In football, teams compete against each other to win games and championships. In healthcare, we’re competing against multiple opponents or competitors from multiple service lines to win every patient. There is no time to waste!

  1. Strategy & Execution

In football, teams develop game plans, analyze opponents' weaknesses, and execute plays to score points and win. Similarly, we develop strategic growth plans, pre-call plans, and call goals to effectively execute to uncover customer needs and find solutions that win business year over year!

  1. Playing a Contact Sport

Championships are won on the field, or in our case – in the field - one strategic contact after another! Championships are not won by hiding behind a desk, computer, or phone with emails, texts, or calls.

Cheers to all the Champions!