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Healthcare Growth Strategies: How Leaders Leverage Capacity for Revenue Boost

Healthcare Growth Strategies: How Leaders Leverage Capacity for Revenue Boost

Shift in Focus from Recovery to Growth

Healthcare leaders who have shifted their focus from recovery to growth want to learn how to generate near-term strategic revenue by optimizing their current provider capacity, service lines and facility footprint. At the same time, they need to keep their eye on long-term sustainability.

The answer is to implement rapid-impact growth solutions that generate near-term return on investment to fund longer-term initiatives. Leaders who adopt this approach are averaging $26 million of incremental net revenue in the first year.

We’re seeing a surge of interest from hospitals, health systems and physician enterprises who want to focus their teams on unlocking new opportunities for strategic growth, maximizing revenue potential, and positioning their organizations for long-term success.

Recent examples include:

  • Lake Charles Memorial Health System, which partnered with Tiller-Hewitt to mitigate an estimated $100 million annual leakage and generated $24.3 million in strategic growth in the first year.
  • Archbold Medical Center’s initiative with us generated $34 million in incremental net revenue - in addition to producing 2.24% outpatient and 3.33% inpatient market share growth.
  • CHRISTUS St. Michael Health System experienced an immediate turnaround and improvement in recruitment, retention and value-based operational performance during our engagement.

Many other organizations recognize that physician engagement is key to patient satisfaction and loyalty, quality outcomes - and the resulting strategic growth. An operator of physician-owned hospitals is teaming up with Tiller-Hewitt to provide strategic growth support for their partner physicians who own and operate their own medical practices and hospitals. They selected us for our expertise in creating the ‘path of least resistance,’ then engaging physicians and patients for friction-free access to the services they already provide.

Four Part Solution to Spark Near-Term Growth

Clearly, healthcare organizations face growth challenges that are unique to their mission and marketplace. Rarely does one size-fit-all! However, there are four essential components of new-term growth initiatives that work, regardless of organization size, payer mix or competitive landscape.

  1. Strategic Growth Readiness Assessment. The first step is discovering opportunities to unlock latent capacity, eliminate bottlenecks, stop leakage, open access and create a friction-free experience for patients and physicians. Extensive claims and internal data analysis, plus surveys and interviews with key stakeholders - including physicians and advanced practice providers, C-suite executives, operational leaders, practice managers and front-line scheduling teams - delivers a clear picture of marketplace dynamics and internal conditions that impact strategic growth. In the process, the assessment process achieves stakeholder buy-in and produces a clearly defined opportunity for return on investment.
  1. Strategic Growth Playbook. Once the strategic service lines are prioritized, rapid-cycle process improvement events, applying lean principles and Value Stream Mapping, remove duplication, inefficiency and points of friction that physician office teams and patients may be experiencing. The playbook delivers an outreach strategy, integration and retention strategies with the steps required to target providers aligned with care consolidation and strategic growth goals, equip offices with patient education, specialist information and referral tools, and develop team roles and accountability protocols for execution.
  1. Professional Outreach and Physician Liaison Program. The next step? Execution! Strong, professionally trained and well-equipped physician liaisons and outreach teams are the growth engine implementing the playbook. Physician outreach focuses on growing referrals from practices with the patient access, payer mix, appropriate utilization and quality outcomes that support the strategic growth priorities outlined in the playbook. Physician liaisons are an extension of the CEO in the field, bringing valuable intelligence to the C-suite, and earning trusted advisor status by bringing a healthy sense of urgency and higher‐value solutions to physicians and their teams.
  2. Physician Relationship Management (PRM) platform. A PRM built with market intelligence, data analytics, and issues resolution tools that align with liaison workflows underpins the success of the strategic growth initiatives. TrackerPLUS is the platform built by and for physician liaison and outreach teams with maximum efficiency and effectiveness for targeting strategy, directing outreach efforts, managing issue resolution and measuring results.

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