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Webinar: Pivoting to The New "Better" - Physician Onboarding Before, During and Beyond the Pandemic

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  • Event Type:General

The pandemic has put the entire healthcare system to the test, but it has not stopped Reid Health from continuing to deliver extraordinary onboarding, navigation and mentorship programs which is critical to retention. We’ll explore the creative and successful adaptations to traditional onboarding that infuse the process with high energy, camaraderie, and fun. The speakers will share the value of refusing to settle for the “new normal” and – instead – are creating a new “better” for providers.

Session Objectives Include:

  1. Describe how virtual value stream mapping sessions can engage dozens of stakeholders in identifying and executing on hundreds of action items required to streamline the onboarding process

  2. Demonstrate how to super-charge virtual mentorship matching and training

  3. Identify the steps required to position new physicians and APPs for rapid ramp-up in their practices, despite unavoidable disruption